Ysabel de la Rosa

Poetry, prose, art and design

Reviews and Comments

From readers / listeners:

"Your poem touched me deeply and painted a dark yet beautiful picture."

"I had tears in my eyes and goosebumps on my arms when I read your story. What a beautiful and poignant piece."

"I am usually left speechless when I read your blog posts."

"Your clarity and purpose of thought are second only to the stylistic dance of your words. Brava!"

"Loved your story. When artists are also capable of writing, there is the added bonus of a very strong visual experience, which there certainly was here."

"I've been having a rich time with your blog."

"Mejor imposible".

"¡Qué poema más lindo!". 

"We have received many compliments for having brought you here." Robert L. Clark, Houston Poetry Fest 

From editors:

"We greatly admired your poem, Advice from a Tribal Elder."

"We ran a remarkable series of articles by Ysabel de la Rosa that followed the March 11 terrorist attack in Madrid and Spain's 2004 presidential elections. Her pieces were as provocative as they were insightful."

"Ysabel writes clearly and with vigor."

"Your articles are among the best on our website. They add a lot to our magazine."

"Your article is exactly what we wanted. It's well-written and fun to read. A superb job." 

"Transports us to another land through skillful use of detail."


From viewers:

"The photographs you took in my studio are outstanding in composition and color."

"I enjoyed those wonderful photos. Magnificent angles of vision there."