Ysabel de la Rosa

Poetry, prose, art and design

Bio in Brief

Ysabel de la Rosa is a writer, poet and artist, whose work has been published in a wide variety of media, beginning in 1972. She began drawing at age 5 and wrote her first "good" poem at age 7--let parents take note and encourage their children's creativity!

Her feature writing in English and Spanish has appeared in numerous publications in the United States, Latin America and Spain. She has won 180+ awards for editorial and creative work in commercial publishing. She has designed several books.

She has taught many writing workshops, some of whose topics include: How to Edit What You Write, Journal Writing, Feature Writing, Publication Design for Increased Readership, and How to Communicate to Multicultural Audiences. She was a finalist for the Pablo Neruda Poetry Award in 2006. Her chapbook manuscript, Life on Interior Plains, received an honorable mention from Kulupi Press in 2009. Her poems "Palo Duro Palette" and "December Lessons by the Pond" were award first place in creative verse by Press Women of Texas in 2014 and 2015, respectively. She was award first place for blog writing by PWT in 2015.

She is the editor and designer of DreamBones, a collection of poetry by Shelia Campbell, which won the award for best edited book from the Press Women of Texas. 

To keep up with Ysabel's writing, activities, artwork, and other such subjects, visit her blog at ysabeldelarosa.blogspot.com

To learn more about her work in content creation and translation for books and businesses, visit Artis Lingua. Follow her photography on Instagram @poetysa.